Purchase of Goods

Kazakhstan Fergus LLP procures grains, oilseeds and legumes from agricultural producers at licensed linear elevators and grain reception centers pursuant to grain bills of sale.

Conditions of purchase: EXW (ex-elevator).

The following varieties are procured on a regular basis:

  • - Food wheat
  • - Forage wheat
  • - Barley
  • - Flax
  • - Rapeseed
  • - Sunflowers
  • - Lentils, etc.

Grain Storage

As stated by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Grain”, as well as the Rules for Generation, Storage, Refreshment, Transfer and Use of Grain Resources, Fergus Kazakhstan LLP selects grain reception points according to the prescribed manner.

Agreement for grain storage are made between our company and the grain reception point selected in the prescribed manner according to the model form of the public agreement for grain storage approved by Decree No. 1359 issued by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on October 24, 2001.

The activities of grain reception points are governed by regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including the Rules for Quantity and Quality Grain Accounting; Rules for Grain Storage; Rules for Issuance, Circulation and Redemption of Grain Bills of Sale.


Grains, oilseeds and legumes are transported by railroad and water. Astyk Trans JSC serves as the main partner for transportation of grain by railroad. It should be noted that the total car fleet operated by Astyk Trans JSC is up to 10,000 grain carrier units, which allows us to transport grain in any period of time.


  • Agricultural producers
  • Storage (elevators, grain reception points)
  • Transportation
  • Export destinations
    Black Sea: FOB Eysk port and Novorossiysk port
    Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan: DAP Saryagash
    Azerbaijan: DAP Samur
    China: DAP Alashankou
    Baltic Sea: CPT Liepaja port
    Aktau port: FOB Anzali, Amirabad: CIF