About Us

Fergus Kazakhstan LLP is an advanced grain trader and a key player on the grain market of Kazakhstan. The company’s core activity is exporting grain, oil and legume crops grown by the industry’s large enterprises.

The head office is located in Astana (Kazakhstan), while its representative offices cover all the country’s regions that produce grain. Private farms, Kazakhstan’s leading agricultural producers and reliable freight forwarders ensuring prompt delivery of goods to customers rank among the company’s suppliers.

Fergus Kazakhstan LLP employs experienced and highly-qualified professionals interested in the progress and development of the company and the entire Kazakhstan’s agrobusiness.

Mission of Fergus Kazakhstan LLP

Providing our customers with high-quality raw materials and taking a dominant position as a supplier of grain, oil and legume crops in CIS and non-CIS states.

Strategy of Fergus Kazakhstan LLP

Increasing the company’s export capacity by intensifying trade and procurement on the grain market, as well as the expansion and opening of new markets for Kazakhstan’s grains and oilseeds.

Objectives of Fergus Kazakhstan LLP as part of the company’s strategy:

  • Providing a comprehensive support to our regular partners and manufacturers
  • Finding new suppliers of high-quality grain products on Kazakhstan’s domestic market.
  • Enhancing the company’s export infrastructure.
  • Increasing the company’s financial performance and market value.
  • Arranging an effective corporate management system.
  • Investing in development and supporting the company’s human resources.
  • Upsurging the company’s export capacity and competitive ability by expanding the product range.

Organizational Structure

Fergus Kazakhstan
Head Office in Astana
Akmola Region
Kostanay Region
North Kazakhstan
Region Office